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Walkerene trussing
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walkernene – trussing timber stock


The most important element of our work is the design and costing of the products specified, which can include a wide variety of Roof Trusses and Open Web Beams.


Roof trusses vary considerably in complexity and are used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings from a simple pitched garage roof to conventional houses, terraced houses, public buildings and large commercial projects.


For this work we only use experienced designers and estimators, with a detailed knowledge of building construction. Each Design Manager maintains a personal contact with the customer from the initial enquiry right through to the final delivery.

Walker Nene Specialist Services

  • The process begins by checking the plans supplied by the customer to provide an optimal design and competitive price quotation.
  • We always include an itemised cost for any ancillary timber or metal straps etc that will be required for the construction on site.
  • We arrange site visits it required, to measure or resolve any possible technical and construction issues.
  • A Hotline Telephone service to one of our specialists is always available for advice or information, and is of course, FREE to use.

  • Our experts are available to check Architects or Designers’ plans and to discuss any required alterations to the design during the build.
  • If requested, we can supply a CAD 3D drawing showing how the root or floor is to be constructed
  • We can provide your tradesmen and installation crew with numbered trusses and details for features such as dormer window openings.
  • Our firm estimating service of cost and design construction is always completely free of charge.