The prevailing tendency in the building industry to use suppliers as a source of financing by paying fate can result in large business risks for the supplier.

Late payment is something that Walker Nene prefer to avoid, by offering our customers a diverse range of payment options.

Our standard account payment terms is to quote for payment 30 days after delivery, which can be extended to the end of the following month, if this is agreed with us beforehand.

A Choice of Payment Options

If any customer wishes to trade on different terms we are always prepared to discuss and agree alternatives but these will be dependent on:

  • Paying slightly more for a postponed payment date.
  • Your Credit rating — References wilt be required.
  • Agreeing the method of payment for any deferment.
  • Arrangement of Bank facilities.
  • We also accept payment via ail major Debit and Credit cards, but we are charged a fee for your payment on a Credit Card and will need to add 2.5% to the Invoice to cover this fee.
  • You can pay us online by BACS and our Bank details are: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Account No: 10182528, Sort Code; 16 23 21

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