We deliver to all areas shown on the map 5 days a week during normal working hours. We will maintain liaison with you up to the date agreed for delivery.


We also deliver to the North London conurbations inside the M25. If there is a restricted access or timing issue please notify us when you place your order and we will discuss to find the best Option.


We make deliveries for large orders outside this area.

Delivery Process Explained

Daily Deliveries

We make daily deliveries from our factory in Wisbech to all places shown on the map. We can, and do, make deliveries outside this area including inside the M25 if you give us sufficient notice.


Specific Delivery Dates Accommodated

We will arrange a specific delivery date and give you an estimated Time of Delivery with every order. This means you can schedule your roofing team and any equipment hire you will need, very precisely.


We maintain a constant liaison with every customer, for every order, so if you need to reschedule the day you need the roof trusses, perhaps because of bad weather, or overrunning building works, we can change the delivery day if you provide us with sufficient notice.

Unloading Arrangements

When delivering your trusses, our drivers will help with, and supervise the unloading of the vehicle but assistance must be provided by your on—site building team.

Large roof trusses, in particular, can be difficult to handle safeiy and are subject to specific health and safety protocols. Your on-site staff must follow any safety instructions given by our driver.

Most of our deliveries are made by articulated lorries. If access to your site is restricted please discuss this with us when placing your order, so that an effective solution can be put in place for you.


For all delivery enquiries, please call us on 01945 582 215 or email admin@walkernene.com