Walker Nene Truss Co. specialises in the design and development, manufacture and distribution of Trussed Rafters and Metal Web Floor Joists. The Company manufactures in Wisbech Cambridgeshire, supplying the construction industry, and builders with its products and associated design services.


Walker Nene Truss Co. is committed to good environmental practices with the use of sustainable resources and has implemented Chain of Custody (CoC) procedures to ensure compliance with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standard.  The Company’s objective is to maintain a communication link between our raw material suppliers, including their forest based product and Walker Nene Truss Company, to ensure there is evidence of environmentally sound business practices and proof that the wood they supply comes from sustainable managed sources.

If any raw material received to be certified and is found to be otherwise Walker Nene Truss Company will promptly take the appropriate action(s) required to quarantine and remove it from the system, and ensure future supply is ceased or corrected.


Walker Nene Management is responsible for the implementation of this policy so that the Chain of Custody certification system is maintained in conjunction with its certification body and that this statement is carried out.


PEFC Chain of Custody Certified (BMT-PEFC-0755)