Product Benefits

  • Roof Trusses are erected quickly
  • Trusses are spaced at 600 centres for economy
  • Spans are greater than traditional roofs
  • Minimal waste
  • Truss can be design for habitable rooms

  • Metal Web Floor Joists are fast and simple for installation
  • Metal Web Floor Joists can span greater than solid timber
  • Metal Web Floor Joists have access for services without drilling or notching
  • Metal Web Floor Joists are spaced at 600 centres, reducing labour time

Walker Nene are an expert manufacturer, supplier and designer of: Roof  Trusses, Open Web Beams and we also supply 22mm Egger Weyroc Protect Floor Boards, D4 Glue, Glulam, Cullen, Vac-Vac, bracings and loose timbers.


Walker Nene Truss Co. uses the ITW Industry’s package to design and calculate our Roof Trusses, Metal Web Floor Joists and Glulam Beams. Roof Trusses and Metal Web Floor Joists are manufactured from softwoods strength grade in accordance with the relevant British Standard Codes of Practice, designs also meet the requirements of the current statutory building regulations.


Roof Trusses and Metal Web Floor Joists provide more economic solutions than traditional methods, allowing the structure to be erected simply and quickly saving in time and money. Metal Web Floor Joists offers today’s builder an engineered floor system that combines the best features of an I-Joist with the benefit of open web construction. This lightweight design speeds up construction to meet deadlines, and reduces on-site labour cost by having no need for drilling or notching.


The bespoke design of Roof Trusses and Metal Web Floor Joists to fit a particular project reduces the site wastage and pilferage of timber rafters and joists. These factors among others translate into an increased in profit for your bottom line.


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root trussing


Roof trusses constructions are designed to reduce infill to a minimum.
metal joist assembly


Also called Spacejoists, were introduced more than 10 years ago and are now increasingly specified by Architects and Builders for the construction of floors and roofs.


Walker Nene Truss Co. is committed to good environmental practices with the use of sustainable resources and has implemented Chain of Custody (CoC) procedures to ensure compliance with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standard.